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Spring Cleaning by: Laura

During the festive season of Passover, it feels great to clean out the home, cleanse the mind, body, and soul, and bring change into our lives. Cleaning removes old dust and stale energy. It helps to bring clarity to the new season - fresh and ready to start a new cycle.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have had the opportunity to help with the Passover cleaning at CityTree. There were some similarities and some differences to my standard cleaning at home. One important task was to wash down the Center windows. We used a product called EM. I think EM means “effective microorganisms” and is a safe all-natural cleaning solution. The smell is slightly vinegary, but it is not harsh at all on the hands and really fulfills its cleaning duties. The product seeks to keep the balance of nature in check by not destroying the healthy and beneficial bacteria present. This product is way more eco-friendly and helps to sustain the environment’s biodiversity. EM works to build an alliance with the earth while

removing harmful bacteria from surfaces.

For more information on EM, come by CityTree and give the windows a nice clean.

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Wash Wash Washin Dishes

Washing dishes is a mental and physical challenge for me. I don't mind it much, but it is hard work which does require a certain level of commitment. Washing is an imperative task that keeps the kitchen running and at CityTree, there are clear guidelines and responsibilities for washing dishes. One example is the responsibility of checking under the sink to confirm the bucket is not yet full.

Let me explain further. CityTree plumbing is unique. The center uses a bucket system which makes it possible to capture and then recycle the kitchen sink water to flush the toilet. They also teach a technique for washing which uses two washing bowls- one for scrubbing and one for rinsing. The two bowl system helps minimize water use by scrubbing several dishes at once then holding them in the first bowl while the second bowl is used for rinsing. The flowing water collected from rinsing is then used to moisten the next group of dishes for scrubbing. Scrub scrub scrub… rinse rinse. Repeat. Thank you for reading my leaf and hope you have a great day! Best regards, Laura

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Community lunch at CityTree by: Laura

When I started as an intern, Tami informed me that I would be assisting with the community lunch on Thursdays. I did not know what to expect but I knew it would be interesting. I was totally surprised by the experience. As an intern I get the opportunity to eat and work at the lunch. This offers me a unique view and education about the world of the kitchen. I am particularly interested in the life and on-goings of this space. For me, the kitchen is the soul. The food challenged me to think outside of the box - which I thought was really cool. Thanks for reading my leaf and have a great day!

Best regards, Laura

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Mooove over dairy by: Laura

My name is Laura and I am a new intern at CityTree. I am also completely 100% obsessed with dairy. I love cheese, adore milk, and dream about cream and butter. However, I have come to better understand that while my tastebuds may like these products my whole system is suffering as a result of their consumption. This is a sad realization and one that I have not been willing to face until my time at CityTree. Though, I am happy to report that there are options out there for people like me- hardcore dairy cravers interested in alternatives. I recently attended a "no dairy" ice cream and cheese workshop taught by Tami. She showed step by step how to create "creamy" concoctions with absolutely zero dairy. It is somewhat complicated but going to workshop made me feel more aware of my options and empowered by the ideas. I would suggest this workshop for anyone excited to try something new. The class can be taught in Hebrew or English and leaves you eager to try more treats! The cheeses are really something special. Thanks for reading my leaf and have a great day.

Best regards, Laura

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!Guest Bloggers: Bec, Lani, Noah, Hannah, and Steph

Arriving at City Tree for the first time as a group of well-intentioned but ecologically naive Australians was something we did with quite a lot of good faith, not knowing exactly what we were getting into. Over a month on, we're glad we had that faith.

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Vision and Mission Statement

Founded in 2006 by Tami Zori, CityTree is a home for urban ecology located in Bialik Circle, in the heart of downtown Tel Aviv, Israel. Utilizing both online and real world tools, CityTree...

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CityTree Day 4 01/07/10

So many phone calls! Tami and her permaculture course left for an all day-vegetable seminar in Beit Tzion, thus I became queen for the day at CityTree. I sat at my throne in the office, answering phone calls as best as I could (Hebrew sure can be tricky over the phone!), translating parts of the website (see last weeks entry!, and working on a grant application.

;Bialik circle was a buzz of activity

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So what does that place do again?

As I jabber away about my incredible experiences volunteering at CityTree, I realize that many readers are yearning for a more complete explanation of the place itself, especially one in their mother tongue. What follows is the beginnings of the to-be-english-section of the Tree's website. Enjoy the bigger picture!

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CityTree Day 3 30/6/10

What a busy day! I arrived at CityTree, well rested this time, and got right to work with a new group of students from Australia who are volunteering here as part of their gap year program. Ah, I could feel the nostalgia from my gap year program last year begin to creep in as we got to talking about what they were up to. ::sigh::. read on

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CityTree Day 2 16/6/10

Per Tami’s request, I arrived at CityTree an hour earlier that usual to learn the ins and outs of watering the garden that surrounds the apartment. I have to admit, the anti-morning-person in me was not so happy about this situation. Regardless, I girded my loins and faced my fear of the early morn to learn more about the upkeep of the garden. CityTree did not disappoint. read on

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Midnight Composting

Three weeks have gone by since we started composting at 24 Rupee. Every Monday the restaurant staff, myself included, separate our waste into two bins... organic and non-organic. (by the way, the non-organic "trash can" is just one of those small green milkcrates, and it takes the entire day to fill it up!)

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CityTree Day 1, 9/6/10

After a short bus ride from nearby Ra’anana I arrived at Tami Zori’s humble abode--a literal tree in the carefree historical district of downtown Tel Aviv. Situated in a cozy corner by Kikar Bialik (Bialik Circle), CityTree in my mind is the heart of all things environmental in Tel Aviv. read on

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מאשפה לגינה

After a lot of talk, here it finally is.... the big announcement.... :)

מאשפה לגינה גאים לבשר על תחילת הפיילוט של פרוייקט הקומפוסט במסעדה ההודית, בדרום תל אביב, 24 רופי!

חשוב לציין כי הפרוייקט מתאפשר בזכות הגינה הקהילתית בפלורנטין, שם גם יהיה אתר הקומפוסט. שוב תודה להם שסיפקו לנו את המקום!

מעכשיו, צוות מאשפה לגינה ו24 רופי מכריזים: יום שני "יום הקומפוסט". בכל יום שני ,תעשה הפרדה בין זבל אורגני לשאר הפסולת של המסעדה ובסוף של יום נעביר יחד אל תוך מיכל בגינה הקהילתית.

שם, נהפוך את שאריות הטאלי שלנו לאדמה יפה, בריאה, טבעית, ושימושית. הקומפוסט ימכר גם במסעדה עצמה, וגם בחנויות גינון מקומיות בתל אביב. למענכם ובשבילכם לשימוש פרטי בגינה, בגג, במרפסת או סתם אפילו בשביל עציץ במקלחת (:

על מנת להצליח ולעמוד במשימה שלנו, אנחנו צריכים הרבה עזרה, בעיקר בהעברת הפסולת.

במידה והיית שמח/ה לבוא בלילה ל24 רופי ולקחת את האשפה האורגנית לגינת פלורנטין, אפילו פעם-פעמיים בחודש או חודשיים, בבקשה צרו קשר!

בכדי לקבל עוד פרטים על המיזם "מאשפה לגינה", צור/צרי עמנו קשר!

אם יש לך שאלות, דאגות, רעיונות, וכו', צור/צרי עמנו קשר!

אם את/ה רוצה לקבל עידכונים שלנו בדואר אלקטרוני, צור/צרי עמנו קשר!

תודה רבה, ונתראה בעיר ובקומפוסט!

Garbage2Garden is proud to unveil our long awaited pilot project, the establisment of a compost pile for the south Tel Aviv restaurant, 24 Rupee! Many thanks to the Florentine Community garden, who made the project possible by providing us with the space to compost!

Starting NOW, the staff of Garbage2Garden and 24 Rupee is declaring Monday "Compost Day"! Every Monday, 24 Rupee staff will separate organic waste from the trashcans, and together we will transport the organic materials to the Rupee Compost in Florentine. There, the waste will be cared for properly and our leftover thali will be turned into soil that is beautiful, healthy, natural, and useful! This compost will then be sold at 24 Rupee itself, as well as in local garden shops in Tel Aviv, for personal use in your garden, roof, balcony, or windowsill planters.

In order to achieve our goals, we need a lot of help, especially in transporting the waste.

If you think that once a month, or once every two months, you would be happy to come to 24 Rupee at night, and take the garbage to the garden in Florentine, please be in touch!

For more information on Garbage2Garden, and, of course, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc., be in touch!

If you want to get email updates from Garbage2Garden, be in touch!

Thank you! See you around the city or the compost!

Garbage2Garden@gmail.com 054-339-2810 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              054-339-2810      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              054-339-2810      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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Suprises from the compost pile

In the winter, I had a rat problem in my garden. Well, actually, my whole neighborhood had a rat problem, seeing as we live next to Shuk HaCarmel, a popular gathering place for our unwanted little visitors, due to the extraordinary amount of food tossed and left on the street each evening...

(The amount of food waste in Shuk HaCarmel, or any shuk for that matter, is the topic for a whole other entry at a later time).

Nevermind, we had rats. The neighbors, of course, were pissed. My compost, although having been established already for about 8 months, attracting no pests, and in a state of black, forrest-y goodness, was promptly declared the root of the problem. After an unfriendly battle that lasted way too long, I "lost" and was ordered to clear out and relocate my compost.

I was not pleased.

What would I do, just throw out all my compost that had built up over time? I did not have enough space for all that compost in my garden....

or did I??

I created a new bed in the garden, and dumped all of my almost-but-not-completely ready compost in, planted lots of flowers, and declared myself a victor in the situation.

Fast forward 6 months, and a mysterious plant sprouted in my prized bed. Tall, skinny stem; big, broad leaves; I was sure it was not a weed, so I left it to grow... and then another sprouted, the same exact mystery plant... and when the first one started to turn brown, I took the opportunity to pull it out from the ground, and made the amazing discovery that I am the new proud grower of my own avocado tree :)

Now, my tree is small, and may never bear fruit, but the joy I feel every day when I look at that sexy stem growing taller, when I see new leaves beginning to bloom, and to think.... had I not been faced with the dilemma of using my unfinished compost before its time, I may never have successfully sprouted an avocado (the one sitting on my windowsill for months on a jar of water has yet to show even the tip of a root...)

And so, I'm grateful for the battles which help us to grow, which help us to learn about how to deal with other people, how to deal with our gardens, and that produce surprises where you least expect them.

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עץבעיר, עסק חברתי לאקולוגיה עירונית, ביאליק 25 דירה 8 תל אביב, 03-525-4196